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When you are Germany’s Traveling Summer Republic exhibit you are made to travel. The exhibition Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America is definitely made to travel! First from Giessen Germany where the Giessen Emigration Society‘s founders Friedrich Muench and Paul Follenius had attended the University, to the port city of Bremen. In Bremen, a city of emigrants, the immigrants of the Society had an unplanned extended stay. The exhibits stay was a bit longer and very exciting with many new voices heard in the city.

unnamed-1The exhibition then traveled by ship just as the original emigrants did, into America. The original group of 500 emigrants splintered upon arrival with some staying in Pennsylvania and Louisiana, but the majority settling in Missouri. Which is why the exhibition packs up in

Container arrives
Container arrives

Washington DC, on October 25, and heads to the far west. Only the west isn’t so far anymore. Back when the Society arrived in Missouri, it was a young State barely 13 years old, that had only been part of the United States 30 years. These hardy group of German pioneers joined the original settlers of a brand new territory, building log cabins, settling towns, and starting schools.  They brought the strong stubborn values that the midwest is known for. They don’t call Missouri the Show Me State for nothing.

This fall you can experience the story and hear all of these voices when you visit the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis Missouri.

Missouri History Museum St. Louis, Missouri
Missouri History Museum
St. Louis, Missouri

There you will be able to see the container of the exhibition unpacked and carried inside, just as those original emigrants did. You will find 250 years of history in the exhibit 250/250 where St. Louis, founded in 1769, celebrates by sharing its’ history, and some birthday cakes, with the entire world.You will also find their newest exhibit The Louisiana Purchase – Making St. Louis and Remaking America which opens on Saturday, October 25 about the document that opened the far west, and made this such a fascinating land of opportunity for German immigrants.

Then on November 22, two more exhibits about immigration arrive. The Missouri Immigrant Experience shares historic and contemporary photographs that show how many emigrants from so many nations call St. Louis home. Also, Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America opens and shares how Missouri “where the sun of Freedom shines” became home for thousands of German emigrants with an exhibit all the way from Germany. Come help them unpack in November, hear their stories and experience their history.

Free PDF of upcoming events this fall at mhm available.



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