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The Spring Issue of Der Anzeiger is out!

The new spring issue of Missouri German Consortium’s quarterly e-journal Der Anzeiger will be delivered on April 1st! And for just a short time more, you can still receive future issues as a Charter subscriber and save 20% on the regular $25 price for an annual subscription.

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Der Anzeiger – our new e-Journal

Der Anzeiger is our new e-Journal, a magazine filled with interesting stories about Missouri’s German heritage, and all of the people, places and events that have shaped our history to make Missouri as German as it is today. Take pride in your German heritage!

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Der we?

Do we Der? Yes we Der! Der Anzeiger at least. We regret our incorrect form, and can only blame our “Duden” dictionary which so misled us! We could Die, but have changed to Der instead, and hope that this will not stop you from enjoying our new journal!

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