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The Legacy of the Giessen Emigration Society

In 2014, descendants of the original members of the Giessen Emigration Society can still be found across the United States.

Members of the Society wrote letters home (Chain Migration) to their families and friends encouraging them to join them in the U.S. As the small settlements became villages, villages became towns, and cities like St. Louis, St. Charles, Washington, Hermann became home to thousands of German emigrants.

New towns like Dissen, Hamburg, Dutzow, Cappeln, and Melle kept the families from being homesick, as the young state filled with Germans.

These emigrants led lives which exemplified the stubborness and determination found in the attitude of “Show Me”. Their businesses, breweries, wineries, schools, and churches all displayed their pride in their German heritage. And their legacy today is found in organizations and societies, as well as their long lasting business and proud family farms. Their architecture  enriches our lives daily, and their music reminds us of the fatherland. We are proud of the state our ancestors created, and have pride when saying we are descendants.

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