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A fun way to experience history

Ever wonder what our ancestors must have felt, and what life was like, to uproot their entire family and move to America? I mean WE know how great it is. Can you imagine what life had to be like in Germany? Well on September 24th you can experience it first hand. And you can visit some of the sites that were so important to them, like the farm of Gottfried Duden, author of A Report on A Journey, which inspired so many. On that Saturday afternoon, you will become a… Read more A fun way to experience history

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Re-writing history

It is nice to know that the arrival of Gottfried Duden, whose writings led so many Germans to Missouri and the mid-west was not an accident! That we are not here, simply because of a lantern in the window, and two Germans lost in the woods. So I am not re-writing history, just simply giving an update that modern technology provides!

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The Power of a Forgotten Utopia

This weekend, the power of a Forgotten Utopia has the ability to bring people together on two continents.  In Bremen, Germany, Oliver Behnecke and Peter Roloff will present at  Knowledge at 11, a Saturday morning matinee in Olbers Hall, a discussion of what became of the 1834 German emigration group, the Giessen Society. Or Sunday, at 1 pm, on Feb. 27, in the St. Vincent de Paul,in Dutzow, Missouri, USA, you can see what they found that still exists today of that Utopian dream. Power of Utopia – the Giessen Emigration Society in 1834 Lecture by Oliver Behnecke and Peter Roloff  “to know 11” at… Read more The Power of a Forgotten Utopia

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