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St. Louis Germans in the Mid-19th Century

On January 11, 2017 the St. Louis Genealogical Society (SLGS) will hold their quarterly German Special Interest Group (GSIG) meeting at the St. Louis County Library at 7 pm with their program “St. Louis Germans in the Mid-19th Century” by speaker Dorris Keeven-Franke, Director of Missouri Germans Consortium. Learn about the daily lives of your German ancestor, including their neighborhoods, education, social Turnvereins, jobs and chain migration. Hear about their reaction to diversity, other Germans, slavery, Nativism and the Civil War.

Those researching their German ancestors in Missouri will find this helpful to understand their 19th Century emigrant ancestors lives when the settled in St. Louis, Missouri. Germans began flooding the streets of St. Louis in the 1830s, when over 120,000 Germans emigrated to the U.S., and 1/3 of those settled in Missouri. Over 10,000 of those 40,000 settled in St. Louis and the surrounding region, today’s St. Louis County.  This program will help researchers know what records they can use to track those early German ancestors, and break down brick walls.

Make your New Years resolution now to get your Genealogy research back on track this year. Start the year off right and mark it on your calendar today!



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  1. Does this meeting need a response that I am coming? Is it for members only? Thanks! Joan Halter Schellert

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