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How do I find where in Germany my ancestors came from?

There were as many reasons to be an emigrant, as there were immigrants

To decide that conditions are no longer tolerable, and to sell everything you own, and say good-bye to all of your friends and family is not an easy decision. It is not one any one who has made a decision to emigrate, made very lightly. And besides the push, there has to be a pull from a place to be significantly sufficient. When Duden’s book is published, there are hundreds of similar books being published suggesting emigration to Russia, Brazil and England to name a few.

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Tracking those German Ancestors

On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 the St. Charles German Heritage Club will have a free program: Tracking those Ancestors Back to Germany at the Stegton’s Regency Banquet Center (1450 Wall Street, St. Charles, Mo 63033) at 7pm. by Dorris Keeven-Franke.

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Intermediate Genealogy Classes

The Adult and Community Education Department of the City of St. Charles Schools offers an Intermediate Genealogy Class starting this Wednesday morning, March 4th beginning at 9:00 am, until 11:30 am. for six weeks.

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