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Day of German Unity

Missouri Germans is celebrating the Day of German Unity! Germany’s unification did not become official until the leaders of both countries- East and West Germany – signed the Treaty of Unification in August of 1990. This established October 3rd as the official day of unification, and today marks the 26th anniversary of the official unification.  Tag der Deutschen Einheit, or the Day of German Unity, is a national holiday in Germany with ceremonial festivities scheduled in a different city each year. Wishing you a happy Day of German Unity.



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  1. Doris, this is Tom Castrop. I am sorry, I have forgotten the exact location and time for our mtg Wed. Is it Culvers at Cave Springs. Sorry we missed you at Oktoberfest, we were looking for your tent, but ran into our son and daughter-in-law and the four of us looked a little , but didn’t see any German consortium. Tom Castrop


    • The meeting Wednesday is at Stegton’s which is 1450 Wall Street, just off the Veterans Memorial, and east of Zumbehl. Program is at 7 pm on the German Heritage Corridor.


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