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What City are you Friends with?

Has your town or community established a friendship with a town in Germany?  We want to hear from you!

Every year, a group called the St Charles County German Heritage Club which has been picnic-2around for over 50 years holds their annual picnic inviting friends to meet their members and enjoy some good old Gemuthlichkeit! The St. Charles Sister Cities Inc is a spin off of this group and is already celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. Sister Cities International twins several cities in Germany and in Missouri every year. But we know that there are several cities in Missouri, large and small, that have established their own friendships between Germany and Missouri, such as Melle Germany and New Melle, Missouri. Do you have such and organization in your Missouri Community? WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Here is a video of the St. Charles County German Heritage Club’s Annual Picnic on YOU TUBE  

Do you have a City or Village or community in Germany that your community or City in Missouri are “FRIENDS”? If so, please share this with Missouri Germans using the form below.




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