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Intermediate Genealogy Classes

The Adult and Community Education Department of the City of St. Charles Schools offers an Intermediate Genealogy Class starting this Wednesday morning, March 4th beginning at 9:00 am, until 11:30 am. for six weeks. This course covers a lot of information, for those who have been researching their family history, and would like to go further. Course is intermediate level, and for students who have begun their family research already.  To register: http://register.asapconnected.com/ShopCart.aspx?viewType=Max 

Subjects covered are:

  • The Basics:  How to get organized – you can’t know where you imageare going if you don’t know where you’ve been. A quick refresher on organization and techniques you need to know. Materials suggested:  3 Ring Binder with acid free sleeves (50) and one file box.  Online Research: Ancestry.com (what else?) and why you should NOT touch the leaves until you have taken this course.
  • How to write your family history. Learn how to do an Oral History Friedrich-Muench-ca.-1832interview, photograph preservation, and prepare your research for after you are gone. Many families have one family historian, and do not prepare for what will become of their family archives after they are gone. Creating online trees with software or online databases will be discussed. A basic family history book can be completed by the end of these classes.
  • Military, Native Americans and Emigration.  How to find your Backgroundancestor’s military records and obtain them for your family archives. How to track your ancestor overseas!  Whether to Africa or Deutschland, most Americans are emigrants!  How to locate naturalization or emigration records. Clues to your ancestor’s birthplace can be found in many records.
  • Format for your family history book.  We will compile what we
    Utopia - Revisiting a German State in America: the book
    Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America: the book

    have into either a scrapbook or binder suitable for gift giving. Tree formats will be discussed. Publishing your family history will also be discussed. Everyone is always surprised by how much they have when it is organized and preserved.

  • Family history detectives. How to analyze your source information and discover clues that have been missed. How to brainstorm and network. Where do I go next? Copyright, Copying and Sharing  – what is fair and what is legal.
  • Finishing your family history. Using the techniques learned in classes, students will organize their research into a family history worthy of preservation and publishing. How to cite your sources, self-publish or simply organize a family organization. Family reunions and Online organizations will be discussed.

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