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Missouri is proud of their German heritage! German attorney Gottfried Duden was passionate about Missouri when he wrote Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America. A brand new state in 1824, he writes  “It is extremely alluring to settle down in regions where on has such complete freedom of choice; where one, map in hand, can roam through beautiful nature for hundreds of miles in order to select land … and meadows according to one’s own desires.

Missouri Germans is passionate about Missouri’s German heritage as well!  Working to see our history preserved: the stories, the cultures, the sites and the heritage. Our German ancestors not only brought us our love for wine and beer, but our strength that kept our state in the Union. Filled with traditions, great music and food, and reminding one of home, Missouri is a “Little Germany” right here. Truly a state today that is still very German.

Contact Missouri Germans for Speakers Programs on Utopia, I Remember PaPa and Tracking Your Ancestors Back to Germany, or Guided Tours throughout Missouri and Germany.

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Future issues:

  • Hermann, Missouri and the Philadelphia Settlement Society
  • Tracking Those Germans Back to Germany
  • The Lutherans from Saxony
  • Dutchtown
  • The Friends of Light and the Sons of Freedom
  • The German Language
  • Traveling to Germany
  • Book Reviews,Recipes, Poetry, Music and much more

We also have consultants available to assist with archival projects, corporate or personal biographies, German classes, translations and other preservation projects. Please contact us to discuss your projects that we may help with.

Photograph of Hermann, Missouri by Folker Winkelmann @2009
Photograph of Hermann, Missouri by Folker Winkelmann @2009



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