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MO Germans rolls out new Journal

Der Anzeiger  is our new e-Journal filled with interesting stories about Missouri’s German heritage. The people, the places and events that have shaped our history and that make Missouri so German. image033Each issue includes beautiful photographs and pictures, recipes, and tips to help you research your own German heritage. Here you will find stories about the people, such as Gottfried Duden, whose book A Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America sparked emigration to Missouri. In the Der Anzeiger you will learn about important places,Missouri - Trip to a Forgotten Utopia such as the architectural gem the Pelster hausbarn, one of only a handful of such buildings that remain in the United States today.  You many not be one of the five image038hundred families that arrived with the Giessen Emigration Society, but their story, is the story of so many thousands of Germans that have come to Missouri and whose heritage we share today. Thousands of Germans have become Missouri immigrants, and their story is your story, your family’s history and our heritage.

Subscribe today to our e-Journal Der Anzeiger  and you will receive four issues a year, in January, April, July and October, with each issue filled with stories like these. Our free premier issue of the Missouri Germans E-Journal is downloadable here at Der Anzeiger. If you would like to continue to receive more issues like this subscribe NOW for the introductory rate of $20. This special subscription rate is only available to until April 1, 2015, so that you may save 20% and become a charter subscriber. After April 1, 2015 our subscription rate will be $25. Your subscription will guarantee you four issues filled with interesting stories of Missouri’s German heritage, so that you may help preserve and keep the history alive!

Future issues will include stories on Deutschheim, Missouri’s “German Home” the State’s Historic Site in Hermann; Tips for Crossing the Pond when writing your family’s history; The German State of Missouri; and more interesting stories, poems, recipes, photos, and music, that will help you connect to your German heritage.


You can subscribe here directly through PayPal and you won’t miss an issue of Der Anzeiger 

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