Meet me in St. Louis

Wunderbar Together is a year-long festival celebrating Germany’s close friendship to the United States.

The celebration highlights the strong relationship between our two counties, which is rooted in deep historical ties, shared values, and bold visions for the future. “Wunderbar Together” means the U.S. and Germany are better as friends. Our partnership has made both countries stronger over time and will continue to shape our futures. This initiative is an opportunity to renew and preserve our friendship and to develop a new shared perspective on important issues. Together, our countries can tackle global challenges together through a renewed focus on transatlantic dialogue and cooperation. People are at the heart of the US-German relationship, which is why in 2019, we will bring together more than 200 partners across all 50 states, who will host more than 1,000 events in local communities.

As part of the Year of German-American Friendship (Deutschlandjahr USA), Fulbright Germany will provide three groups of Fulbrighters the opportunity to engage with U.S.-Americans from the heartland about Germany. The roadtrips will take the groups consisting of six current German Fulbright grantees and American Fulbright alumni, the latter preferably with a background in German Studies or Communications and Journalism, as well as friends of the Fulbright program, on different routes across the country.

Follow the Violet Route and Meet me in St. Louis

Along their journey in VW camper vans, the groups will engage with local communities on German heritage and contemporary Germany in a variety of informal get togethers. Successful road trip stops may include town halls, film screenings, music sessions, site visits, and happy hours. The purpose of these activities is to create new opportunities for people to meet and gain insight into contemporary German culture as well as to discuss transatlantic relations. Participants will help plan the activities throughout the four stops per group, execute them independently as a team and post regular visual and written reflections from the road via social media to share their adventures. 

Blue-white Bavarian villages in Georgia? German accent in Texas? Lower Saxon car industry in Tennessee? Along three different tours, Fulbrighters will discuss German influence then and now as well as transatlantic relations. The final destination of the week-long trip is the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, where a conference with up to 150 Fulbright grantees and alumni will be held. During this closing event the participants will share their experiences with current and former Fulbrighters, scholars, and the University of Arkansas’ academic community.From the North into the American Heartland (violet route):Berlin (Wisconsin) – exploring the Upper Mississippi in Hanover (Illinois) – Galena (Illinois) – Bloomington(Illinois) – dancing Volkstanz in Oldenburg (Indiana) – St. Louis (Missouri) Tuesday, May 14 – Hermann (Missouri) – discussing German-American military cooperation at Fort Leonard Wood (Missouri) The last stop of the trip is the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville in the afternoon of Friday, May 17. The closing conference with keynotes, panels, workshops, and social events will begin on Friday evening and conclude on Sunday, May 19, in the early afternoon.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2019 Join us as we celebrate Wunderbar – St. Louis! Thanks to the St. Louis German Cultural Center and Larry Marsh we will be visiting the University of Missouri – St. Louis Campus in the afternoon, where students of all ages can meet our guests. In the evening, we invite you to share in the fun at the German Cultural Hall at 3652 Jefferson for an open invite to meet and greet with these special guests from 5-7 pm. For more information call Dorris Keeven-Franke with the German American Committee of St. Louis at 636-221-1524.