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Humanities Advocacy Day

Tomorrow is Humanities Advocacy Day! A record-breaking number of humanities advocates are in Washington D.C. today and tomorrow to make the case for federal funding for the humanities. Please call your legislators tomorrow between 9-5 EST and ask them to continue funding the NEH:http://p2a.co/qgIhfKy

There are reports that the Trump Administration is considering a proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). This is the time to let President Trump and your Members of Congress know that you support the NEH!

Learn more about the proposal to eliminate the NEH here.

We are asking supporters of the humanities to email and/or call their Members of Congress to express support for NEH.

How the Email System Works

Fill out the form on the right with your information, and review the draft letters. If you choose, you can edit them by clicking into the text box and typing. Click “Send Email” to send your message to all your Members of Congress and the President at once.

How Patch-Through Calling Works

Click “call me” and our system will call your phone and connect you with your Members of Congress, starting with your Representative and then your Senators. You will see a script and suggested talking points after you enter your number. The system will announce the member you are calling before connecting you.


1) Answer a call from 866-872-6861. You will hear a message and instructions on how to use the system from the National Humanities Alliance. You will not be immediately connected with your Representatives.

2) When you are ready to speak with your Representatives’ offices, press * to begin. You can review the script and talking points before doing so. When you press *, you will be connected with the first office.

3) When you are ready to move to the next call, press *.

4) If you do not want to make additional calls, or if you have completed all three calls, you can hang up at any time.


Due to the high call volume at this time, your call may go to voicemail and the voicemail inbox may be full. If this happens, please consider calling back directly at a later time. You can find their phone numbers below:



White House: (202) 456-1111



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