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Bosseln 2017

Who wants to play Bosseln?!  We are looking for everyone who plays Bosseln!  or anyone who wants to learn Bosseln and join in the fun! Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 1:00 pm in Forest Park. We will take the Roloff Route. Call 636-221-1524 or use the contact form below. Deadline is February 15, 2017.

We are forming four teams: Red, Blue, Yellow and Black as we have four Kloots, which we will limit to a team Captain and four players.

at-the-endThe Bosseln Kloot is a round ball of synthetic material, made heavier with lead.  The rules are to keep the ball away from obstacles such as ditches, gutters, streams, long grass etc., which would reduce the distance of ones “shoot” and on the pathway. The experienced player will sometimes deliberately aim for such places on uphill stretches, to avoid the possibility of the ball rolling back downhill. The goal is to be the team that reaches the end, with the fewest number of throws. Each throw ends, and is counted from, at the point where the ball hits the ground. In Germany the sport named “Boßeln” (Bosseln), is primarily played along the coast and borders of North Germany, such as in Ostfriesland, Oldenburg, Butjadingen, Dithmarschen, Nordfriesland, Emsland, and Grafschaft Bentheim. It is also played in some parts of the U.S. by German immigrants.



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