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This summer Missouri Germans is going on the road!  The Heritage Travel in Missouri road that is! As we research Missouri’s German Heritage Corridor, and visit all the interesting people, places and sites we will share our discoveries! Not every “German” site sits in the same place! Some places have been covered by progress, and take a little more “digging” to understand. And some are off the road a little. This place partners with the early American settlers, and for that reason, many don’t realize the great opportunity that lays inside for those who love to hear the German story. Do you know this place?
The Missouri Humanities Council is implementing a heritage tourism initiative highlighting Missouri’s German culture unnamed-2and history along the Missouri River. Beginning in the 1830s, thousands of German immigrants moved to Missouri in several large groups. They were inspired in part by a favorable report of the area by Gottfried Duden of Warren County, and by the resemblance of the Missouri River Valley to the Rhineland. By 1860, Germans comprised more than half of Missouri’s foreign-born residents. They brought their distinctive German culture with them, including wine and beer making, agriculture, festivals, language, religion, customs, and architecture, leaving an indelible imprint on Missouri and the nation.  Join us as Missouri Germans Consortium goes on a Summer Road Trip to discover Missouri’s German Heritage Corridor! Let us know if you have a discovery to share in the comments section below! Don’t forget to follow Missouri Germans “on the road” this summer.


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