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Der we?

BlogAnzeigerDo we Der? Yes we Der! Der Anzeiger at least. We regret our incorrect form, and can only blame our “Duden” dictionary which so misled us! We could Die, but have changed to Der instead, and hope that this will not keep you from enjoying our new e-journal!

Der Anzeiger! Opens here….

Our free Premier issue is filled with interesting stories about the Pelster Haus barn, Gottfried Duden, and the Giessen Emigration Society!

Future issues will have stories on Missouri’s German Home Deutschheim, a State Park devoted to Missouri’s German heritage;  articles about the followers of Martin Stephans, The Lutherans who settled Perry County; and How to reach across the pond when researching your German Ancestors.  Germans in the Civil War, Missouri Turnvereins, and the Western Synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church.  Music, photos, recipes will help you connect or re-connect with your German heritage.

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