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Those Crazy Germans want to play Boßeln!

Dear Utopians and soon-to-become-Utopians,

You are heartily invited by the Traveling Summer Republic’s Utopia team for a fun warm-up of the upcoming Utopia exhibit at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis on Saturday, November 15, 2014 at 11 am.

The Boßel game is very popular in East Frisia, the northwestern region of Germany, and is played in the cold season only. The weather will be perfect! Boßeln is seen from all other Germans as a sport of charming lunatics…

The game is simple. It is the intention, in a team, to reach with a ball a particular spot in a distance of about one mile in as few throws as possible (similar in this respect to golf). The team members throw their ball consecutively. The course contains curves and variations of height (small hills and such). Forest Park is the perfect location for the Bossel game. In East Frisia a game would take place between two villages.

Traditionally after the game the teams enjoy a lunch together. And so we will do. We will end up at the Boat House in Forest Park. There the  ceremony for the winning team and the not-so-winning teams will be held there too.


There is no limit of age, sex, ethnicity or religious belief for taking part. Just come and enjoy! And bring your friends!


During the match traditional refreshments will provided by the Utopian German-American Boßel Committee.


Saturday, November 15 – 11 am

Meeting point: Forest Park at the Jahn Memorial, just down from Art Hill, at Government and Fine Arts Drive. See item F on the map of Forest Park monuments.


Please send a participation confirmation to dorris.keevenfranke@gmail.com. Spontaneous participants are also welcome.


Very best wishes and herzliche Grüße,


The Utopian German-American Boßel Committee








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