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A trip to Nieder-Gemünden


What a beautiful day! In Giessen, the weather is not all that different from Missouri. I have seen rain and sunshine all in one. The landscape is not all that different from here either, with its gentle rolling hillsides, some fields, and some with grapevines. At times I could think I was in Missouri, as we left Giessen this morning.
But the day was special, as we joined Carol Muench, great great granddaughter of Friedrich Muench, co-founder of the Giessen Emigration Society, on her way to Nieder-Gemünden. We were with Simone Jung, from hr-Fernsehen television from Frankfurt. She and crew, Tom,Rico, and Michael were there to capture the day on film. It is etched in my memory forever.




We visited Muench’s home built in 1560, and discussed the Muench portraits one can find at the Missouri History Museum, which are reproduced, and hang in the church. Pastor Thomas Schill’s sermon shared the history of Muench, and the Society, and the role they played in history, especially Missouri. Two young men did a memorial tribute to Muench and his life. The church is beautiful and has been restored within the last ten years. The congregation has collected funds and donated it to the Missouri History Museum, for restoration of these beautiful portraits.



Afterwards we completed our day back at the Cultural Hall, where the exhibit is, to a German Kaffeeklatsch! So many came to talk and discuss. We talked about how different, or not so different from the U.S. Germany is today. We built many bridges with the similarities. I think there are as many Germans, who are interested in what became of the members of their families, as there are in the US who are interested in their ancestors history here in Germany. Friedrich Muench would be so happy to see all of this.



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