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Utopia tells us so much more than just history

Five hundred people chose to emigrate from Germany to the U.S. in 1834.  The exhibit is a visual journey of these immigrants, their stories, and their achievements. As one travels through time, the concepts of hope, determination and patriotism also emerge. We begin to see the United States as those German emigrants viewed it, then, and today. We experience, as they did, nativism and what it feels like to be a stranger in a new world. We fight for the abolition of slavery, because we have given up everything for this country – this country where all men are created equal. These and many more stories are found in the exhibit, and in this great Teaching Aide – Stay or Leave: Exercise book about the Giessen Emigration Society.


STAY OR LEAVE – Excercise book about the Giessen Emigration Society for …  Download PDF

BLEIBEN ODER GEHEN – Schülerheft zur Gießener Auswanderergesellschaft-2   Download PDF

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