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For over ten years the Missouri Germans Consortium has been partnering with organizations around the world in order to bring you programming, exhibits, books, DVDs, tours and other educational resources that help you learn more about Missouri’s German heritage. Want to learn how to find your German ancestors? Check out Missouri Germans Genealogy. Take a bus tour and visit the original sites of German American history in Missouri? Visit our tours and find out how you can bring German heritage to life as a German emigrant. Or maybe you want to refresh or learn your knowledge of the German language before a trip to Germany? Check out the Consortium’s partners and find out when the next class begins.  There are lots of ways you can enhance your and your family’s German heritage experiences. Let us know what we can help with! Want to partner with Missouri Germans on your next project? We would be happy to discuss any German Heritage projects your group or business needs. This is our Suggestion Box! Let us know what resources we can help you with.

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