Muss i denn Cargo Trips

Muss i denn  Cargo Trips

MussidennlogoVisit the Muss i denn  Cargo Trips Desk and book a journey for your own object to be permanently relocated to Germany. Inside the Utopia exhibit you will find the Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips Travel Agency manned every Saturday from 10am-5pm.

Is it perishable? It cannot be large or living! You will be asked a few questions as youToursandCargoTrips make its reservations, just to be sure that you understand that its journey is permanent in its new home. Your information will accompany that special item, and introduce you when it is adopted in Germany. We will wrap, and tuck, making sure it is ready to travel safely. Then we will provide an opportunity to say your farewells, with some ceremony,  with Klaus gently singing good-bye. Don’t worry, we have plenty of tissues.

Klaus Seifert entertains audience with rendition of Muss i denn at opening in Giessen
Klaus Seifert entertains audience with rendition of Muss i denn at opening in Giessen

Bring your own special item that you think should make its journey to Germany, and we will consult on its travel arrangements, book its passage, arrange a special farewell, and see it makes its way to Germany, safely tucked away with the Utopia exhibit.

When it arrives, somewhere in Germany someone will adopt your object and give it a new home. Then they will contact you and let you know how the journey went, and a new friendship can begin.Exhibition Giessen - Travel Agency - IMG_7182 Winkelmann







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