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Giessen Emigration Society

In 1834, over 500 German immigrants arrived in New Orleans and Baltimore, many of which headed for St. Louis. Known as the Giessen Emigration Society, their story IS a story of immigration. These Germans came from all over Germany and were united by one dream, a dream for freedom and a better life for their families.

These Germans were of all ages, and of many occupations – from farmers to doctors, lawyers, blacksmith, carpenters and teachers. They were Catholic, Lutheran, Jewish, Protestants and Free-Thinkers. They came from many parts of Germany: Belecke, Coberg, Altenburg, Hesse, Westfalia; and from small villages and large cities. Some had been involved in the political revolutions and had families who had already fled Germany.


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The list below are members of the Giessen Emigration Society on board either the ship Olbers or Medora in 1834. This is a research project in search of descendants of the members of the Society and is currently a work in process. Compiled from various sources by several researchers it is constantly being updated. Our goal is to soon create a digital heritage collection connected to each member, creating a page with photograph(s) and documents pertaining to that family.

Members of the Giessen Emigration Society

Ship Psgr ID Name Age Sex Occupation
Olbers O337 Aeckhoff, C   (Eckroft, C) Eikhoff, Casper 37 M farmer
Medora M20 Alsdorf, Frederick Wilhem 33 M farmer
Olbers O288 Arens, Anton 32 M farmer / wagon maker
Olbers O290 Arens, Joseph 4 M none
Olbers O289 Arens, M (Maria or Amalie) 35 F none
Olbers O291 Arens, Theodore 2 M none
Olbers O346 Atorf, J 25 M farmer
Medora M145 Baer, Catharina 24 F
Medora M146 Baer, Conrad 1.6 M
Medora M144 Baer, Conrad 16 M
Medora M143 Baer, Frederick 23 M
Olbers O116 Baer, J 20 M farmer
Medora M191 Baer, Johannus 58 M farmer
Medora M192 Baer, Marie 43 F
Olbers O255 Bauer, J W 32 M farmer
Medora M6 Becker, Carl 7 M
Medora M5 Becker, Carolina 10 F
Medora M4 Becker, Catharina 11.6 F
Medora M3 Becker, Christina 15 F
Medora M8 Becker, Elizabeth 2 F
Medora M1 Becker, Henrich / Henry / Johannes 36 M farmer
Medora M7 Becker, Juliana 5 F
Medora M2 Becker, Juliana/Catherine 40 F
Olbers O104 Benner, E 8 F none
Olbers O100 Benner, J (John) 43 M farmer
Olbers O101 Benner, M 41 F none
Olbers O102 Benner, M 18 M farmer
Olbers O103 Benner, Philip? 21 M farmer
Olbers O44 Berchelmann, M A 24 F none
Olbers O234 Berg, Gottleib 39 M farmer
Olbers O236 Berg, H 8 M none
Olbers O237 Berg, J 5 F none
Olbers O235 Berg, M 29 F none
Olbers O238 Berg, M 2 F none
Medora M18 Berg, Marie 23 F Servant
Olbers O252 Blattmann, X 28 M farmer
Olbers O254 Bohms, H (Henry or Herman) 31 M farmer
Olbers O253 Bouch, J 30 M farmer
Medora M108 Braner, Franz 23 M Joiner
Medora M109 B Rauschenbach, Michael or Melchior 30 M Carpenter
Olbers O62 Bredschneider, A   (August) 2 M none
Medora M116 Bretschneider, Carl (Charles?) 29 M Painter
Medora M49 Briegleb, Ferdinand 18 M
Olbers O144 Bruehl, C 31 M farmer
Medora M41 Brühl, Carl 1.6 M
Medora M38 Brühl, Dorothea 24 F
Medora M40 Brühl, Fredrick 3 M
Medora M37 Brühl, Fredrick von Tradheim 36 M apothecary
Medora M39 Brühl, Heinrich 3 M
Medora M42 Brühl, Wilhelm 0.4 M
Medora M9 Bunding, Johannes 18 M farmer
Olbers O10 Bunsen, Conrad 5 M none
Olbers O116 Bunsen, Charles 3 M none
Olbers O8 Bunsen, Geo C 12 M none
Olbers O12 Bunsen, G 1 M none
Olbers O5 Bunsen, George 40 M Educator
Olbers O7 Bunsen, L 13 F none
Olbers O6 Bunsen, M 36 F none
Olbers O9 Bunsen, M 7 M none
Olbers OX Cire, L 27 M Merchant
Olbers O335 Claris, M 27 M farmer
Olbers OX Coerper, C 25 M Merchant
Olbers O178 Collenberg, A 13 M farmer
Olbers O177 Collenberg, D 20 M farmer
Olbers O176 Collenberg, G 24 M farmer
Olbers O42 Craurer, C 28 M farmer
Olbers O43 Craurer, M 29 F none
Olbers O47 Crug, B 27 M mechanic
Olbers O49 Crug, E 7 M none
Olbers O45 Crug, F 23 M farmer
Olbers O50 Crug, F 6 M none
Olbers O48 Crug, J 9 M none
Olbers O51 Crug, L 4 M none
Olbers O46 Crug, M 43 F none
Olbers OX Cruise, Franz     (Cruse) 25 M Merchant / farmer
Medora M137 Daum, Auguste 5 M
Medora M138 Daum, Carl 2 M
Medora M135 Daum, Carl 37 M Carpenter
Medora M136 Daum, Johanne 34 M
Medora M157 Dehner, Anna 18 F
Medora M154 Dehner, Anna Marie 52 F
Medora M159 Dehner, Anton 15 M
Medora M160 Dehner, Dominicus 11 M
Medora M156 Dehner, Heinrich 21 M
Medora M153 Dehner, Johannes 56 M farmer
Medora M158 Dehner, Joseph 16 M
Medora M155 Dehner, Lucas 24 M farmer
Medora M164 Dehner, Sebastian 23 M Blacksmith
Olbers O344 Deniel, B 34 M mechanic
Olbers O333 Dentenberg, F 19 M farmer
Olbers O38 Dickel, F 2 M none
Olbers OX Diesses, E 25 F Merchant
Medora M75 Dressel, Elizabeth 40 F
Medora M78 Dressel, Ferdinand 0.10 M
Medora M74 Dressel, Johann E 40 M Blacksmith
Medora M77 Dressel, Margaretta 7.9 F
Medora M76 Dressel, Paul 12 M
Olbers O189 Eirmann, C 5 M none
Olbers O190 Eirmann, C 2 M none
Olbers O184 Eirmann, G 46 M farmer
Olbers O187 Eirmann, G 12 M farmer
Olbers O185 Eirmann, M 46 F none
Olbers O186 Eirmann, M 20 M farmer
Medora M66 Eisentraut, Nicholas 52 M farmer
Olbers O188 Eismann, A     (Eirmann, A) 8 M none
Olbers O2 Engelbach, G. 27 M Farmer
Olbers O3 Engelbach, H 4 M none
Olbers O219 Erlinger, C 9 M none
Olbers O216 Erlinger, H 38 M farmer
Olbers O220 Erlinger, H 2 M none
Olbers O217 Erlinger, M 38 M farmer
Olbers O218 Erlinger, M 11 M farmer
Medora M134 Espenhaim, Christoph 26 M Musician
Olbers O231 Ettling, C 16 M farmer
Olbers O227 Ettling, Daniel 45 M farmer / brickmaker
Olbers O232 Ettling, D (George Diedrich) 11 M farmer
Olbers O229 Ettling, F 23 M none
Olbers O230 Ettling, J 18 M farmer
Olbers O228 Ettling, M 47 F none
Olbers O233 Ettling, S 8 F none
Olbers O52 Eulenstein, Gustavas 22 M none
Medora M35 Fey, Catherina 21 F
Medora M34 Fey, Christian 26 M farmer
Medora M32 Flach, Fredrick 34 M farmer
Medora M33 Flach, Herman 7 M
Olbers O84 Flamm, A 3 M none
Olbers O83 Flamm, E 9 F none
Olbers O82 Flamm, J [P] 13 F none
Olbers O80 Flamm, M 34 F none
Olbers O79 Flamm, W 48 M farmer
Olbers O81 Flamm, W 15 M none
Olbers O353 Floer, Joseph 31 M farmer
Olbers O356 Flugg, J 3 F none
Olbers O74 Flugge, C.W. [B.W] 27 M farmer
Olbers O77 Flugge, E 7 F none
Olbers O78 Flugge, E 5 M none
Olbers O76 Flugge, L 27 F none
Olbers O75 Flugge, M 33 F none
Olbers O20 Follenius, J [P] 4 F none
Olbers O18 Follenius, M 27 F none
Olbers O17 Follenius, P (Paul) 35 M Physician
Olbers O21 Follenius, R 1 F none
Olbers O19 Follenius, W 5 F none
Medora M140 Frankenberg, Georg 17 M Tanner
Medora M139 Frankenberg, Otto 45 M Farmer
Olbers O204 Franz, Henry 27 M farmer
Olbers O153 Freund, C (Christian?) 15 M none
Olbers O151 Freund, E 21 F none
Olbers O152 Freund, J 17 M none
Olbers O155 Freund, J 11 M none
Olbers O156 Freund, M 6 F none
Olbers O154 Freund,A 12 F none
Olbers O271 Freymuth, M 13 M farmer
Olbers O274 Freymuth, Joseph Adolf 7 M none
Olbers O272 Freymuth, Maria Beatrix 11 M farmer
Olbers O269 Freymuth, Clara 18 M farmer
Olbers O268 Freymuth, E (Maria Elisabeth) 19 F none
Olbers O273 Freymuth, Frederick Anthony 9 M none
Olbers O276 Freymuth, Maria Francisca 3 M none
Olbers O266 Freymuth, John C 54 M farmer / tanner
Olbers O267 Freymuth, M 40 F none
Olbers O277 Freymuth, Philip Albert 1 M none
Olbers O275 Freymuth, Maria Theresa 5 M none
Olbers O202 Gans, B 25 M farmer
Olbers O201 Gans, J 27 M farmer
Medora M44 Göbel, David 46 M Prof Math
Medora M46 Göbel, Gerhard 18 M
Medora M48 Göbel, Gisa 6.6 F
Medora M45 Göbel, Henriette 46 F
Medora M47 Göbel, Hilda 14 F
Medora M36 Gohrig, Jacob 32 M soapmaker
Medora M83 Graf, Adolph 16 M farmer
Medora M82 Graf, Auguste 21 M
Medora M85 Graf, Bertha 12 F
Medora M81 Graf, Carl 23 M Weaver
Medora M88 Graf, Caroline 2.6 F
Medora M80 Graf, Elizabeth 46 F
Medora M84 Graf, Georg 14 M basketmaker
Medora M79 Graf, Johann   (Wilhelm according to Muench) 46 M Baker
Medora M87 Graf, Lisette 6.6 F
Medora M86 Graf, Louise 10.6 F
Medora M91 Graicken, Sebastian 31 M farmer
Medora M16 Granger, Julie de   (Muench paid for) 22 F
Olbers O193 Greb, A 5 M none
Olbers O195 Greb, E 1 F none
Olbers O191 Greb, G 36 M farmer
Olbers O203 Greb, H 25 M farmer
Olbers O192 Greb, M 33 F none
Olbers O194 Greb, S 3 F none
Medora M133 Gredy, George   (John George) 31 M Stove maker
Olbers O119 Gross, T 25 M farmer
Medora M89 Guhlemann, Franz 27 M Blacksmith
Medora M90 Guhlmann, Caroline 19 F
Medora MX180 Haas, Johannes 20 M wheelwright
Medora MX183 Hamman, Georg 35 M farmer
Medora MX184 Hammann, Dorothea 35 F
Medora MX185 Hammann, Jacob 11 M
Medora MX186 Hammann, Michael 8 M
Olbers O341 Hammerling, A 31 M farmer
Medora M162 Hauck, Martin 21 M farmer
Medora M96 Haupt, Bertha 5.6 F
Medora M95 Haupt, Frederick Carl 6.6 M
Medora M93 Haupt, Frederick W. 32 M glove maker
Medora M94 Haupt, Henrietta 30 F
Medora M97 Haupt, Herman 0.10 M
Medora M172 Henne, Anna 14 F
Medora M171 Henne, Catharina 17 F
Medora M168 Henne, Franczisca 48 F
Medora M169 Henne, Norbert 50 M farmer
Medora M170 Henne, Rosalie 21 F
Medora M174 Henne, Sophie 10 F
Medora M173 Henne, Theodor 11 M farmer
Medora M167 Henne, Wenzel 49 M farmer / Miller
Olbers O297 Herculess, A 3 M none
Olbers O294 Herculess, E 8 F none
Olbers O292 Herculess, F   (Francis) 64 M farmer
Olbers O293 Herculess, Margaret 40 F none
Olbers O295 Herculess, S (Sophia) 6 F none
Olbers O296 Herculess, T 4 F none
Olbers O66 Hess, H 58 M farmer
Olbers O70 Hess, H 3 M none
Olbers O67 Hess, L 22 M farmer
Olbers O69 Hess, L 27 M farmer
Olbers O65 Hess, M 56 F none
Olbers O68 Hess, M 30 F None
Olbers O64 Hess, P 21 M farmer
Olbers O342 Hillenkamp, Franz C. H.   (Francis Gillet) 32 M mechanic / farmer
Medora M67 Hochstradter, Panaetius 42 M farmer
Medora M65 Hofman, Albrecht 18.6 M Sadler
Olbers O197 Holl, C 38 M farmer
Olbers O196 Holl, H 58 M farmer
Olbers O199 Holl, H 1 M none
Olbers O205 Holl, J 28 M farmer
Olbers O198 Holl, M 26 F none
Olbers O200 Holl, S 22 M farmer
Medora MX195 Holzinger, Catharine 1.6 F
Medora MX192 Holzinger, Catharine 27 F
Medora MX193 Holzinger, Christine 12 F
Medora MX191 Holzinger, Mathias 39 M carpenter
Medora MX194 Holzinger, Rosine/Rosena 2.6 F
Medora M110 Holzmann, Emilie * F Servant
Olbers O115 Horst, C   (Christoph Wilhelm) 21 M farmer / Vine Grower
Olbers O114 Horst, H (John H) 24 M farmer / Tailor
Medora M152 Horuby, Amelie 19 F
Medora M10 Horuby, Martin Carl 38 M teacher
Olbers OX Jacobi, A 23 M Merchant
Olbers OX Jacobi, C 21 M Merchant
Olbers O223 Jeude J 10 M none
Olbers O224 Jeude, Carl 7 M none
Olbers O226 Jeude, Elise 1 M none
Olbers O221 Jeude, Jacob 38 M farmer
Olbers O222 Jeude, M 35 F none
Olbers O225 Jeude, Stephen 3 M none
Medora MX181 Jos, Christian 24 M Mason
Medora MX181 Jos, Christian 24 M
Medora MX182 Jos, Jacob 27 M farmer
Medora MX182 Jos, Jacob 27 M
Olbers O352 Kalkbremer, W 49 M farmer
Medora M100 Kassel, Christiane 21 M farmer
Medora M99 Kassel, Wilhelm 28 M shoemaker
Olbers O348 Kelar, J 33 M farmer
Olbers O349 Kelar, M 28 M farmer
Olbers O207 Kesler, Casper 34 M farmer
Olbers O212 Kesler, C 11 M farmer
Olbers O213 Kesler, E 9 F none
Olbers O209 Kesler, J 41 M farmer
Olbers O215 Kesler, J 1 M none
Olbers O211 Kesler, J.L 15 M farmer
Olbers O208 Kesler, M 24 F none
Olbers O210 Kesler, M 41 M farmer
Olbers O215 Kesler, W 7 M none
Medora M115 Kessler, Henriette 37 F
Medora M114 Kessler, Leonhard / Leinhart 26 M Painter / farmer
Olbers O33 Kircher, Joseph 24 F none
Medora MX197 Kleiber, Anna Marie 55 F
Medora MX196 Kleiber, Carl F. 20 M shoemaker
Medora MX178 Knaust, Andreas 20 M weaver
Medora MX179 Knaust, Catharine 29 F
Medora MX177 Knaust, Christian 24 M stocking maker
Olbers O143 Koch, E 22 M farmer
Medora M72 Koch, Heinrich     (Johann Heinrich) 3 M
Medora M68 Koch, Ludwig 40 M farmer
Medora M71 Koch, Margaretta 49 F
Medora M69 Koch, Margaretta 31 F
Medora M70 Koch, Wilhelmine 7 F
Olbers O129 Kohlepp, C     (check Kolphapp) 22 M mechanic
Medora M107 Kohler, Christiane 23 F
Medora M106 Kohler, Franz 28 M Coppersmith
Medora M43 Konig, Elizabeth 23 F Servant
Olbers O105 Kosch, C 33 M mechanic
Olbers O108 Kosch, G 6 M none
Olbers O107 Kosch, J 8 M none
Olbers O106 Kosch, M 28 F none
Olbers O109 Kosch, W 1 M none
Olbers O206 Kraft, G 26 M farmer
Olbers O334 Kramer, C 40 M farmer
Medora M28 Kramer, Carl 22 M butcher
Medora M29 Kroll, August 28 M farmer
Medora M31 Kroll, Emilie 0.9 F
Medora M30 Kroll, Henrietta 28 F
Medora M50 Krug, Andreas 18.6 M Farmer
Medora M56 Krug, Andreas (George A) 65 M Weaver
Medora M59 Krug, Bernhard 3.9 M
Medora M51 Krug, Dorothea 63 F
Medora M54 Krug, Edward 22 M Farmer
Medora M52 Krug, Euphrosnie   (Ida) 28 F
Medora M58 Krug, Fredricke 29 M Weaver
Medora M60 Krug, Julius 0.9 M
Medora M53 Krug, Ludwig (Louis) 24 M farmer
Medora M61 Krug, Ludwig 58 M Weaver
Medora M55 Krug, Paul 20.6 M Weaver / farmer
Medora M57 Krug, Peter 36 M Weaver
Medora M62 Krug, Sophia 15 F
Medora M113 Kunze, Herman 4 M
Medora M111 Kunze, Jonathan 32 M Joiner / carpenter
Medora M112 Kunze, Wilhelmine 28 F
Medora M175 Langguth, Ernst 23 M lace maker
Olbers O250 Laugohr, E 23 F none
Olbers O128 Leopold, S   (Charles) 33 M mechanic / merchant
Olbers O63 Linckner 30 M farmer
Olbers O248 Lindner, C 11 M none
Olbers O245 Lindner, H 38 M farmer
Olbers O247 Lindner, H 14 M none
Olbers O246 Lindner, M 27 F none
Olbers O249 Lindner, M 7 M none
Olbers O4 Link, M (Linch, M) (Christine) 44 F none
Olbers O35 Lippert, E. 34 M none
Olbers O34 Lippert, H 37 M farmer
Olbers O36 Lippert, H 6 M none
Olbers O145 Lippert, H 20 M farmer
Olbers O146 Lippert, M 23 F none
Olbers O37 Lippert, W 4 M none
Olbers O71 Long, G 2 M none
Olbers O256 Mades, George 23 M farmer / shoemaker
Medora M92 Mainer, Ferdinand 30 M tailor
Medora M147 Manowsky, Friedrich 33 M Tailor
Medora M161 Meier, Lucas 23 M shoemaker
Olbers O331 Meiller, C 3 M none
Olbers O332 Meiller, D 2 M none
Olbers O329 Meiller, F 40 M farmer
Olbers O330 Meiller, M 26 F none
Medora M121 Meisser, Herman 24 M Apothecary
Medora M122 Meisser, Sophie 23 F
Olbers O317 Merchede, Charlotte 20 F none
Olbers O315 Merchede, Franz 47 M farmer / clock & watch maker
Olbers O318 Merchede, Fredericka 15 M farmer
Olbers O319 Merchede, Franz 13 M farmer
Olbers O316 Merchede, Josephine 23 M farmer
Olbers O320 Merchede, Maria Anna 10 M farmer
Medora M101 Merkel, Johann 22 M Mason / tobacconist
Olbers O125 Merx, A (Adam) 3 M none
Olbers O126 Merx, C 1 M none
Olbers O124 Merx, J (John) 6 M none
Olbers O127 Merx, J 21 M farmer
Olbers O122 Merx, M (Martin) 32 F none
Olbers O123 Merx, Mary B 26 F none
Olbers O345 Metten, L (Lorenz) 29 M mechanic
Medora M166 Miller, Agathe 21 F
Medora M165 Miller, Malpuga 27 F
Olbers O264 Molitor, C   (Casper) 13 M farmer
Olbers O261 Molitor, Francis C 49 M farmer / carpenter
Olbers O263 Molitor, F (Francis Clemens) 18 M farmer / Mill Wright
Olbers O262 Molitor, M (M Elizabeth Koth/Koethe) 51 F none
Medora M15 Munch, Adolph 5.6 M
Medora M13 Munch, Eleonore 37 F
Medora M11 Munch, Frederick 35 M clergy
Medora M12 Munch, Louise 21 F
Medora M14 Munch, Pauline 7 F
Medora M17 Munch, Richard 0.6 M
Olbers O120 Muschenheim, F 28 M farmer
Medora M151 Naumberg, Sophie 24 F servant
Olbers O265 Neyfeld, C   (Charles) 31 M farmer
Medora M117 Nich, Ephraim 34 M Blacksmith
Medora M98 Oertelt, Gottleib 41 M goldsmith
Medora M148 Pausch, Carl 46 M farmer
Medora M149 Pausch, Charlotte 17 F
Medora M150 Pausch, Wilhelm 7 M
Olbers O326 Peters, D 9 M none
Olbers O327 Peters, F 7 M none
Olbers O324 Peters, J   (Joseph) 36 M farmer
Olbers O328 Peters, J 3 M none
Olbers O325 Peters, M 34 F none
Olbers O354 Petrasch, F 18 M farmer
Medora M119 Porzig, Dorothea 22 F
Medora M120 Porzig, Louisa 1.6 F
Medora M118 Porzig, Wilhelm (William) 32 M Clock maker / farmer / miller
Olbers O259 Pulte, H 25 F none
Olbers O260 Pulte, H 2 M none
Olbers O258 Pulte, Philipp Albert 35 M farmer
Olbers O39 Reck, E (Ernest) 29 M farmer
Olbers O134 Reihnard, M 24 M farmer
Olbers O309 Reiter, E 16 M farmer
Olbers O308 Reiter, J [p] 16 M farmer
Olbers O307 Reiter, T 49 M farmer
Olbers O159 Remmer, D 30 M farmer
Olbers O164 Remmer, D 42 M farmer
Olbers O162 Remmer, J 3 M none
Olbers O163 Remmer, J 12 M none
Olbers O160 Remmer, M 31 M farmer
Olbers O161 Remmer,D 6 M none
Olbers O53 Richter, E   (Eberhard) 23 M mechanic
Olbers O110 Rohn, H 28 M farmer
Olbers O111 Rohn, J 25 M farmer
Olbers O338 Roper, Johannes F   (Raper, John) 31 M farmer / carpenter
Olbers O339 Roper, J 27 M farmer
Olbers O350 Ross, S 21 M farmer
Olbers O130 Roth, E 26 F none
Olbers O27 Rothenbucher, A 7 F farmer
Olbers O25 Rothenbucher, C 11 M farmer
Olbers O24 Rothenbucher, E 12 M farmer
Olbers O22 Rothenbucher, F   (Francis) 23 M farmer
Olbers O29 Rothenbucher, F 1 F none
Olbers O26 Rothenbucher, H 10 M farmer
Olbers O28 Rothenbucher, J [G]   (Jacob) 3 F none
Olbers O23 Rothenbucher, M 37 M farmer
Medora M123 Runckwitz, Carl 32 M Bookbinder
Medora M126 Runckwitz, Charlotte 3 F
Medora M124 Runckwitz, Dorothea 27 F
Medora M125 Runckwitz, Henrietta 6 F
Medora M127 Runckwitz, Thekla (Thecla) 0.10 F
Olbers O175 Sack, C (E?) 1 F none
Olbers O172 Sack, J 29 M farmer
Olbers O174 Sack, J 4 M none
Olbers O173 Sack, M 29 F none
Olbers O149 Sauer, C 5 M none
Olbers O147 Sauer, H 32 M farmer
Olbers O148 Sauer, M 26 F none
Olbers O56 Schiefer, C [B]   (Jerimias W or Jeremiah) 36 M farmer
Olbers O58 Schiefer, C [B] 10 M farmer
Olbers O60 Schiefer, C [G] 9 M none
Olbers O54 Schiefer, C [P]   (J?) 22 M mechanic
Olbers O61 Schiefer, G   (George) 6 M none
Olbers O59 Schiefer, H 10 M farmer
Olbers O55 Schiefer, M (Maria) 36 F none
Olbers O57 Schiefer, P   (Phillip) 13 M farmer
Olbers O85 Schlandrauf, C [B] 23 M farmer
Olbers O88 Schleenbaker, CE 9 F none
Olbers O86 Schleenbaker, J 34 M farmer
Olbers O89 Schleenbaker, J 7 M none
Olbers O91 Schleenbaker, J 3 M none
Olbers O87 Schleenbaker, M 32 F none
Olbers O90 Schleenbaker, M 5 M none
Olbers O92 Schleenbaker, P 1 M none
Olbers O183 Schmidt, C 1 M none
Olbers O182 Schmidt, E 8 F none
Olbers O72 Schmidt, H 21 M farmer
Olbers O181 Schmidt, L 10 M none
Olbers O180 Schmidt, M 37 F none
Olbers O179 Schmidt, P 38 M farmer
Medora M103 Schmultz, Christiane 33 F
Medora M102 Schmultz, Gottlieb 32 M Mason
Medora M105 Schmultz, Johanne 4.6 F
Medora M104 Schmultz, Wilhelmine 6 F
Medora M25 Schnecko, Christain 30 M sadler
Medora M27 Schnecko, Louisa H. 0.9 F
Medora M26 Schnecko, Marie 36 F
Olbers O41 Schneider, B.W. 32 M farmer
Olbers O121 Schneider, W 23 M farmer
Olbers O314 Schone (V?) 25 M farmer
Olbers O284 Schone, C 6 M none
Olbers O285 Schone, C 3 M none
Olbers O351 Schone, C 46 M farmer
Olbers O283 Schone, E 8 F none
Olbers O281 Schone, Franz 12 M farmer
Olbers O280 Schone, G   (Augustus?) 15 M farmer
Olbers O278 Schone, John 42 M farmer / carpenter
Olbers O282 Schone, John 11 M farmer
Olbers O355 Schone/Schoene, Joseph 38 M farmer / carpenter
Olbers O279 Schone, Maria 27 F none
Olbers O313 Schone, M 38 F none
Medora M128 Schubert, Cornelius 20 M Bookseller
Olbers O150 Schutte, J (P?) 29 M farmer
Olbers O336 Schutte, J 26 M farmer
Medora M176 Schwanecker, Adolph 35 M mathematician
Olbers O32 Seybold, C [B] 7 F none
Olbers O30 Seybold, C.W. [B.W.] 35 F none
Olbers O31 Seybold, M. 24 F none
Medora M163 Siek, Chrispen 17 M joiner
Olbers O166 Simkan, J 21 M farmer
Medora M63 Smidt, Andreas 30 M Farmer
Olbers O311 Spanke, A 39 M farmer
Olbers O312 Spanke, M 32 F none
Olbers O299 Stahlschmidt, A (Franz Anton Conrad) 37 M farmer
Olbers O301 Stahlschmidt, A   (Wilhelm Albert) 6 M none
Olbers O302 Stahlschmidt, F   (Friderich) 4 M none
Olbers O303 Stahlschmidt, J   (Franz Joseph Engelbert) 1 M none
Olbers O300 Stahlschmidt, M (Margaretha Sophia) 34 F none
Olbers O321 Stallmeister, C 48 M farmer
Olbers O322 Stallmeister, M 57 F none
Medora M131 Staude, Auguste von Altenburg (4 to St. Louis) 24 M Rope maker
Medora M132 Staude, Franz 22 joiner
Olbers O73 Steimieller, A 34 M farmer
Olbers O95 Steinmiller, C E 12 M none
Olbers O97 Steinmiller, D   (Daniel) 19 M farmer
Olbers O98 Steinmiller, G 9 M none
Olbers O93 Steinmiller, J 52 M farmer
Olbers O96 Steinmiller, J 24 M farmer
Olbers O99 Steinmiller, L 8 M none
Olbers O94 Steinmiller, M 48 F none
Olbers O257 Stoer, C 30 M farmer
Medora M130 Stopp, Carl 28 M Joiner
Medora M21 Sudinger, Heinrich 33 M tailor
Medora M22 Sudinger, Josiphin 24 F
Olbers O112 Teseil, M 25 M farmer
Olbers O298 Utrier, J 16 M farmer
Olbers O165 Vitt, J T 24 M farmer
Olbers O242 Volz, C 6 M none
Olbers O243 Volz, E 3 M none
Olbers O239 Volz, H 38 M farmer
Olbers O241 Volz, H 8 M none
Olbers O244 Volz, J 1 M none
Olbers O240 Volz, M 29/32 F none
Olbers O117 Walther, N[k] 35 M farmer
Medora M64 Weber, Margaretha 24 F servant
Medora M19 Weidenbach, Wilhelm Julius 38 M farmer
Olbers O157 Weinrich, E   (Elizabeth) 22 F none
Olbers O158 Weinrich, M 16 F none
Olbers Weinrick, J 26 M farmer
Medora M23 Weliker, Wilhelm (Welker, Wilhelm Captain in military) 28 M Cooper
Olbers O16 Welker, A 1 M none
Olbers O13 Welker, Friederick 34 M Farmer
Olbers O15 Welker, F[J] 3 M none
Olbers O14 Welker, M 23 M none
Olbers O133 Werheim, C 22 M farmer
Olbers O137 Werheim, C 13 M farmer
Olbers O141 Werheim, C 6 M none
Olbers O142 Werheim, G 3 M none
Olbers O131 Werheim, J 52 M farmer
Olbers O135 Werheim, J 19 M farmer
Olbers O132 Werheim, M 52 F none
Olbers O140 Werheim, M 28 F none
Olbers O139 Werheim, P 28 M farmer
Olbers O136 Werheim, T 16 M farmer
Olbers O138 Werheim, V 10 M farmer
Olbers O171 Werner, H 5 M none
Olbers O167 Werner, J 33 M farmer
Olbers O170 Werner, J 8 M none
Olbers O168 Werner, M 41 F none
Olbers O169 Werner, M 8 F none
Medora M24 Wessel, Edmund 29 M brewer
Olbers O286 Wessel, Joseph 31 M farmer
Olbers O287 Wessel, M 22 F none
Medora M73 Wicklein, Johann 26 M farmer
Olbers O347 Wieghauss, H   (Hartmann) 29 M farmer
Olbers O343 Wiesse, Joseph 27 M mechanic / was brewer & baker, now a grocer
Medora MX188 Wild, Dorothea 35 F
Medora MX187 Wild, Franz 32 M cooper
Medora MX190 Wild, Jacob 23 M musician
Medora MX189 Wild, Rosine / Rosina 24 F
Olbers O304 Witmar (John) 40 M farmer
Olbers O306 Wittmar, E 10 F none
Olbers O305 Wittmar, M 11 M farmer
Medora M129 Zimmermann, Frederick 22 M Joiner

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