Germans have been emigrating to the United States for over 300 years, with over 46M claiming Germany as their ethnic heritage, making it the largest ethnic culture. Missouri Germans Consortium can help you make that connection to your own family’s history, through connections to others researching their own background. We also provide information on classes, research groups, important research relevant to the German American history of Missouri, current books, meetings, events, and professionals that can assist you on both sides of the pond!


Rolf Schmidt, Dorris Keeven-Franke
Rolf Schmidt, Dorris Keeven-Franke

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  1. Hazel Regot

    Both of my Mothers grandparents came to America and stetted in Mo., Mathias and Brother George Lepp St Louis, Avoca, DeSoto and in Montgomery Co. in 1832, And Henry Carl Tietz 1883 to St Charles. I would love to find info from Lutheren Church on 5th st as My Tietz family belonged to that one, I was there once but they didn’t have time to help me, maybe you can help me as I have moved out of state. I just found this this info and will search it all, happy to find it


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