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Friedrich Muench: Co-Founder

Friedrich Gottlieb Christian Wilhelm (Münch) Muench (1799-1881)

 1799 June 25 –  born at Nieder Gemünden, Grand Duchy of FormerMuenchhomeHesse- Darmstadt to Georg and Christiane (Welcker) Muench

1814 fall – started at the gymnasium at Darmstadt for 2 years placed in the lowest order of the upper classes. Usual preparation was 3 years but he did it in 2 because of the costs. Remembered Prof. Zimmermann years later.

1816 fall –  began studies at the University of Giessen, met Karl Follen – joined Giessen Blacks

1819 –  took exams and became ordained a minister before June 25 or 20th birthday. Applied for permission to privately tutor, but was told permission would be granted only if he agreed to spy on his friends in the Giessen Blacks. He declined and wrote privately.

1820 – served as his father’s assistant at his church

Muench sermon

1823 Jesus, the Son of God or the World Messiah (Jesus.der Gottes Sohn ober Welt Messias nach Darstellungen des Lieblings+ Jungers Johannes, ein nesser Bersuch über den Logos Joh.1, 1.ss., mit Berücschtigung anderer Stellen der Joh. Schristen, besonders 1.Joh.1, 1.ss.) Giessen, ben C.E. Müller. Published anonymously.


1825 April 27 – father died at Nieder Gemünden, Friedrich critically ill at the time. Soon recovered and  took over father’s pulpit.

Kirche Nieder-Gemünden


1826 June 25 –  married 1st wife- Mariane Vorberg or Borberg


1827 June 30  – 1st child born Pauline


1828 Nov 1– 1st son – Adolph born @Niedergumunden


1830 Oct 20 lost 1st wife Mariane Borberg

1830 mother Louis Christina Welcker dies at Ramrod


1832 Feb 15 – marries Luise Charlotte Margaretta Fritz

Missouri - Trip to a Forgotten Utopia


1833 – 1st ed A Call for and an Explanation of an Emigration on a large Scale from Germany to the North American Free States ( Aufforderring und Erklaerung in Betreff einer Auswanderung im Groszen aus Deutschland in die Nordamerikanischen Frelstaaten) (With Paul Follenius) Giessen, Second edition, 1833.


1833 September 1 –  organizes Giessen Auswanderung Gesselschaft with Paul Follenius at Friedburg, Germany


1833 Nov 2 Richard born at Niedergumunden- mother bedridden


1834 June – spends five weeks on the island of Harriersand in the Weser River near Bremerhaven

Giessen Emigration Society boarding the Medora at Bremen in July 1834
Giessen Emigration Society boarding the Medora at Bremen in July 1834

1834 July 3 – Departs for Baltimore on the ship the Medora under the captain of Griffith.

1834 July 25 arrives in Baltimore with members of the Giessen Auswanderung Gesselschaft

1834 Aug 25 arrives in St. Charles

Muench property


Muench's haus

1834 Sep 13 Buys 40 acres of the NW of the W1/2 of NW qtr of Sect 36 in 45-1 and the 80 acres in the E1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 35 IN WARREN COUNTY for $1000 from Augustus Blumner A181. He died and is buried on this same farm.

1834 Oct 4 -Buys 20 acres from Ludwig Eversmann for $100 A180

1834 Oct 16 -Buys U.S. Land # 4880 and 4881 40 ac in 36 & 40 ac in 35

1834 Nov 13 -Richard dies at Lake Creek- first burial in the family graveyard

Muench cemetary-1

1834 visited by Buettner, a member of Lutheran Synod


1835 Oct 5 -son Julius born

1835 – taught children in the county school


1836 Jan 14 Fredrick pays off congress land # 4880 & 4881

1836 Aug 15 U.S. Congress land #7586 purchased in the name Louisa Muench


1837 Brother George arrives from Germany w/2nd wife Charlotte Strack

1837 Sept 5 George buys certificate # 9564

1837 Oct 3-George buys certificate # 9687

1837 Dec 7 – Sophie – 3rd child of this marriage born

1837 – embroiled in Religious arguments in Anzeiger des Westens

1837 -Das Westland article about the area – Nordamerikanische Zeitschrift fur Deutschland (see file)

1837– preached in Dutzow


1838- Sept 22- Sophie – 9mos old dies – second burial in family graveyard.


1839 April 27– 4th child – of this marriage – Emilie born

1839 Aug 14 – sister Louise dies – third burial in family graveyard

1839 Oct 17  – Muench buys 109 acres from John Naumann who bought from Haun in Sect. 1 –of 44-1


1840 – began writing articles in Lichtefreund in published by Eduard Muehl of Cincinnati

1840 Oct 1-George’s land grants and Louisa’s #7586 paid off


1841 Mar 2 -5th child Ferdinand born


1842 July 9 -6th  child Rudolph born

1842 Nov 27 – Rudolph  – 4 mos old dies – fourth burial in family graveyard


1843 Mar 23 – begins Friends of Religious Enlightenment in Augusta

1843 Nov 18 Seventh child  Berthold born



1844 – friend and btother-in-law Paul Follenius dies of typhoid


1845 -Brother George’s wife Charlotte dies – fifth burial in the family graveyard

1845 -begins correspondence w/Theodore Parker – Unity Church


1846 Mar 23 – 8th  child Auguste a daughter is born

1846 Nov –  wrote first autobiography – co-editor of Lichte Freund in Hermann, Missouri by this time


1847A Treatise on Religion and Christianity– pub. Boston


1848 April 10 –  9th   child Wilhelm born

1848 June 30   – Pauline marries Gordion Busch on her 21st birthday in their home.

1848 August 10  – baby Wilhelm 4 mos old dies 6th burial in family graveyard.


1849 May 25 – 10th baby Eduard born

1849 – 1st Grandchild born- of Pauline and Gordion Busch

1850–  Missouri State Slave Schedule shows one young black female as property


1851 July 14  11th of this marriage –son Hugo born

1851 Nov – he writes about a trip through the Ozarks with his friend Gordion Busch, in search of the best grapevines.


1852 Translates the The Secrets of St. Louis (By Henry Boernstein)


1852-1856   Writes Four Novels (Vier Novellen.) (Titles not known)


1853 May 6 – Adoph marries Christine Schaaf

1853 Aug 10 – Fredrick sells land in 44-1-1 to son Adolphus

1853 The Fugitive in Missouri, a Novel (Der Fluechtling in Missouri, Novelle von Friedrich Muench) wins awards


1854 Feb 3 – Adolphus buys 49.5 acres in Dutzow from Gauss and Friedrich also buys from Gauss.

1854 Feb 25 – 12th child of this marriage -son Karl Anton born

1854 July 17 – son Karl Anton (5) dies

1854 – begins writing articles for the Atlantis


1856 1st Prize in the Turner Bund

1856 – Political speeches in NY and Philadelphia –see file


1857 Feb 25 –  son Eduard (6) – 7yrs 8ms dies buried in family graveyard

1857 -speaks to Deutsche Institute in St. Louis

1857 – 1st Prize in the Turner Bund for articles



1859 The State of Missouri, described with special consideration German Immigration. With two Maps. (Der Staat Missouri, geschildert mit besonderer Ruecksicht auf deutsche Einwander-ung. Mit zwei Karten. New York, 1859; Bremen, 1859,


1859 April -tours Europe for Der Statdt Missouri book tour

1859 April  foreign correspondent for Westliche Post & Criminal Zeitung

1859 November – returns from Europe

1859 American Grape culture: Directions for Laying out a Vineyard (Amerikanische Weinbauschule. Anleitung zur Anlegung des Weinberges) St. Louis, 1859, 184 pages 2nd ed 1864, 3rd ed 1867


1860 The Future of North America and a glance from the New World into the Old (Die gukunft yon Nordamerika und Blicke aus der neuen Welt in die alte ) Bremen

1860 Jan 3 sister Amalie died leaving children- in Germany

1860 Feb 1 – Muench sells his 29.3/4 acres that had lots 36-45 in them deducted to Fredrick Dubbert J-599

1860 – delegate to Republican convention in Chicago and involved in tactics for Lincoln’s nomination.


1861 Aug 10 – Son Berthold is killed at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek

1861 Sep 11 –  Adolphus sells the 3.70 acres (with Mill) to Bernard Dickhaus

1861 November – Life is threatened by local residents for his work for the election of Lincoln and his support for emancipation. Elected to the State Senate for the 1st District – does not list any party affiliation.

1862-1864 – served state Senator for Warren, St. Charles & Montgomery in Jefferson City, living in Jette Bruns boarding house. Was a member of the Radical Unionists.

State Rep Muench


1863 Concerning Religion and Christianity, a Challenge for thoughtful reflection, addressed to the Germans of North America (Ueber Religion und Christentum, eine Aufforderung zur besonnen Pruefung an die Deutschen in Nord-Amerika) St. Louis


1864 Amerikanische Weinbauschule 2nd ed

1864 Feb 22 – Corresponded with General Rosecrans

1864Zur Geschichte der Emancipation-Deutsche Amerikanische Monat


1865 Apr 1 – sells lot 45 – the German Church at Lake Creek to Charles Meyer

1865 Oath of Loyalty

1865 Appointed by Fletcher to State Board of Immigration

1865 State Board of Agriculture member


1866 The State of Missouri: A Handbook for German Emigrants ( Der Staat Missouri. Ein Handbuch ruer deutsche Auswanderer) 112 pp. & inc. 1 map -used 1859 book for most of it.  (Second edition)


1867 23 July– Adolphus sells land speculated on of 80 ac in 44-1-1


1868 – Made his last will & testament for the second time


1869 -series of artilcles in Grape Culturalist

1869-1880 -writes for Ratterman’s DerDeutsche Pionier


1871 – Materialism and Dualism, viewed from the Standpoint of present-day Science. A Book for thoughtful Readers. ( Materlalismus und Dualismus, beleuchtet yom Standpunkt der heutigen Wissenschaft. Ein Buch ruer denkende Leser) Philadelphia  86 pages

1871 -he changes to Liberal Republican Party



1872Geistlehre Fueer Dies Rehanreifend Jungund (Col. Writings)


1873Spiritual Instruction for the growing Youth, for the Use of Teachers and Pupils as well as for all Friends of liberal Thinking (Geisteslehre ruer die heranwachsende Jugend, zum Gebrauch ruer Lehrer und Schueler und alle Freunde des freien Denkens) St. Louis


1873  – Recollections of Germany’s darkest Hours. Represented in the biographic Sketches of Karl Follen, Paul Follenius and Friedrich Münch (Erinnerungen aus Deutschlands truebster Zeit. Dargestellt in den Lebensbildern yon Karl Follen, Paul Follenius und Friedrich Muench St. Louis and Neustadt on the Hardt, 91 pages


1874 – visited by Der Deutsche Pionier editor – Ratterman at his farm – he notes that the 1833 portrait hangs on the wall behind him in his study.


1875 Five Addresses concerning Religion, Superstion, and rational Humanity: to the Germans of North America ( Fuenf Reden ueber Religion, Aberglauben und vernuenftlges Menschentum. An die Deutschen in Nordamerika)   Bremen, 1875 79 p.



1875 The State Missouri with maps and woodcuts. ( Der Staat Missouri ) Bremen 181 pages

1875– older brother Ludwig died, who was a pastor at Wischausen Germany.

Missouri - Trip to a Forgotten Utopia


1881 Dec 14 – was called in for dinner, and when he didn’t respond, they searched the vineyard and found that he had died with his pruning shears in his hand, on the same farm he had emigrated to in August of 1834.


The Missouri History Museum Library and Research center holds a huge collection of the Muench family materials, that were used for the Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America exhibition, documentary and book. They also have in their collection the pair of portraits painted for the family to remember them in Germany.

These portraits were painted by Anton Gastauer in the spring of 1833, as Luise is pregnant with Richard, who was born November 1, 1833.  The portraits tell the story of how Friedrich wants them to be remembered by. The portraits were painted with each sitting in their twin parlors at the front of the house. Friedrich’s has a bust of Homer (the traveler) and a small portrait of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, hero of the German young people for his founding of the Turnverein. In his hands he is reading reading about the flight from Jerusalem. Beyond (behind) is his church and the urn of his father. In the pathway between him and the urn is a pile of broken glass that symbolizes his wish to break his ties with his past.



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