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September 2011 Utopia Revisited


1:00-4:00 P.M.  ON SATURDAY

SEPTEMBER 24, 2011

Join members of the Reseinde Sommer-Republik and the Dutzow Verein on this fascinating trip back in time through the Lake Creek valley, along the Missouri River, in Dutzow, Missouri.  Buses will depart from the Washington Historical Society Museum, and take participants on a journey to the Western States of North America as Gottfried Duden and Friedrich Muench knew it. Join fellow members of the Giessener Auswanderer Gesselschaft, as they try to establish a New German State – their Utopia  – in the New World. Participants will become involved, as they learn the stories of these early German pioneers. Visit Gottfried Duden’s and Jacob Haun’s farms, where his book A Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America was written in 1824. Follow the routes of Giessen Society leaders Paul Follenius and Friedrich Muench as they led 500 Germans to the beautiful valley, and visit their farms. Visit the site of Friedrich Muench’s German Church at Lake Creek where his Freethinker meetings were held.  Experience the hillsides and vistas, where the Baron von Bock established his purely German village in 1834, named Dutzow after his estate in Germany.

When ordering tickets, please specify the emigrant you most identify with. (see Members of the Giessen Emigration Society) For younger passengers we recommend you choose an emigrant that is close in age, and not family name. If that emigrant is available you will be assigned their history. You will receive your papers, the Statutes of the Giessen Emigration Society for your review, and some suggested items you bring for your journey.  For tickets please fill out the form below and either purchase through PayPal
or mail to P.O. Box 50, Dutzow, Mo 63342.


Tickets available HERE through PayPal – debit/credit cards accepted (no refunds)

Email dorris@keeven-franke.com for more information or call 636-221-1524.

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