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Tag: history

A German Fourth in 1852

a trumpet called the crowd together in front of a flag-draped speakers platform. After the chorus sang several appropriate songs and the Declaration of Independence was read, the main speaker addressed the crowd.

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Germany in 1799

In 1799, the year that Giessen Emigration Society founders Friedrich Muench (1799-1881) and Paul Follenius (1799-1844) were born, Germany was in turmoil. Oppressive governments, kingdoms, and dukedoms all bowed to one King. The success of the American Revolution had sparked similar unrest worldwide. In France, Napoleon marched eastward after success in his home country. As the western border of Germany, Alsace-Lorraine, was overtaken,

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Germans in Missouri

In less than a decade, the young State of Missouri had begun to be one of the most “German” in the country, with St. Louis a major contender. Soon, several villages, cities and counties would be entirely German. With them came all of their German customs and traditions.

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