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Columbus, Ohio

unnamedToday Joan and I started our journey east and discovered the Historic German Village in Columbus, Ohio:

In 1796, Congress appropriated the Refugee Lands for individuals who had supported the Colonial cause in the American Revolution. By 1802, an American Revolution veteran named John McGowan claimed 328 acres, most of what would become the German Village. As German immigrants arrived, McGowan sold tracts of land to them. By 1814, the German Village found its roots, originally called “die alte sud ende” (the old south end), and German immigrants contributed to building the first statehouse.

By 1830, massive German immigration to the city had occurred. These South Enders had little time or money for extras. As the local newspaper, “Der Westbote,” described in 1855: “The people who live in these small houses work very hard. You will not find silver on the doors, but you will find many little gardens which produce vegetables for the city’s market. You will not find silk or other very expensive things; but the houses are very clean, the people work hard, and are very healthy, and they are very happy.” (https://germanvillage.com/about/history/)

“Today, German Village is a historic neighborhood just south of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Initially platted in 1814 in Columbus’s South End, the German Village area primarily developed between 1840 and 1914. It was settled largely by German immigrants in the mid 1800s. German descendants at one time comprised as much as a third of the population of the entire city of Columbus.”



Road Trip!

Follow Missouri Germans as we kick off summer with a Road Trip!  Join us as we tour the U.S. in search of more German Heritage! We’ve teamed up with Missouri Immigrant and Refugees Advocate (MIRA) leader Joan Suarez and are heading east, back to the coast, where many of our German ancestors, refugees and immigrants to the U.S. began their journey to Missouri!


From the Traveling Summer Republic

Today, our post is the newsletter of the Traveling Summer Republic:

Strandurlaub auf der Weserinsel Harriersand
photo by Folker Winkelmann

The Utopia exhibit makes you eager to visit the original places where we crazy Germans come from? German Heritage Travel offers to you “The Dawn of Utopia,” a 9 day trip to the historic places of the Giessen Emigration Society in Germany. Visit Giessen, low-Gemünden, Bremen, Bremerhaven, the Harriersand Island and many more places from September 23 to October 1, 2015. Here you’ll find more information and the entire program: https://mo-germans.com/travel/ . This trip is organized by Travel Bridges GmbH (Germany) in co-operation with the Missouri Germans Consortium , the German-American Heritage Museum and the Traveling Summer Republic. Please contact Dorris Keeven-Franke for more information or talk with her ​​at the exhibit Closing Weekend Festival on April 18 and 19th

The parish church of Pastor Friedrich Muench in Nieder Gemünden by photographer ©Folker Winkelmann
The parish church of Pastor Friedrich Muench in Nieder Gemünden by photographer ©Folker Winkelmann

Only 10 days remain for a visit to the Utopia exhibit at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis! This is therefore the last chance to deliver on emigration object to the Muss i denn Tours travel agency desk in the Utopia exhibit and make new contacts to Germany. Open from 10 to 5: Thursday, May 11; Thursday, May 18; and Sunday April 19th

Please, the extensive program for the Closing Weekend Festival find here .

Heartfelt greetings,
the team of the Traveling Summer Republic