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Group picture of the Descendants

This is a short post for all of the followers of our blog who are descendants of the members of the Giessen Emigration Society. They have been waiting patiently for this group photo!

I just received this photograph from our busy and talented photographer Folker Winkelmann of the descendants who were at the closing of the Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America exhibition when it closed on Sunday, April 19th at the Missouri History Museum. Thank you Folker!  I have several announcements and news to share with the Descendant families, which will I will  post by Friday, June 12!

I see several generations of descendants of Freymuth, Arens, Stahlschmidt, Kunze, Follenius, Muench, Schone, Molitor, Ruter, to name a few!

By  Folker Winkelmann
By Folker Winkelmann

Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America

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From the Traveling Summer Republic

Today, our post is the newsletter of the Traveling Summer Republic:

Strandurlaub auf der Weserinsel Harriersand
photo by Folker Winkelmann

The Utopia exhibit makes you eager to visit the original places where we crazy Germans come from? German Heritage Travel offers to you “The Dawn of Utopia,” a 9 day trip to the historic places of the Giessen Emigration Society in Germany. Visit Giessen, low-Gemünden, Bremen, Bremerhaven, the Harriersand Island and many more places from September 23 to October 1, 2015. Here you’ll find more information and the entire program: https://mo-germans.com/travel/ . This trip is organized by Travel Bridges GmbH (Germany) in co-operation with the Missouri Germans Consortium , the German-American Heritage Museum and the Traveling Summer Republic. Please contact Dorris Keeven-Franke for more information or talk with her ​​at the exhibit Closing Weekend Festival on April 18 and 19th

The parish church of Pastor Friedrich Muench in Nieder Gemünden by photographer ©Folker Winkelmann
The parish church of Pastor Friedrich Muench in Nieder Gemünden by photographer ©Folker Winkelmann

Only 10 days remain for a visit to the Utopia exhibit at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis! This is therefore the last chance to deliver on emigration object to the Muss i denn Tours travel agency desk in the Utopia exhibit and make new contacts to Germany. Open from 10 to 5: Thursday, May 11; Thursday, May 18; and Sunday April 19th

Please, the extensive program for the Closing Weekend Festival find here .

Heartfelt greetings,
the team of the Traveling Summer Republic