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Descendants Project

Finding one’s family treasures is always an awesome discovery for family historians! As the Utopia project began, I felt that if so much could be learned from the papers of Friedrich Muench, how much more could be learned about the plans, dreams and lives of the Giessen Emigration Society members if all of the memories and writings of all five-hundred plus members could be in one location. And so began my quest to find descendants of as many members as possible.

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The Descendants Project

The Descendants Project of the Giessen Emigration Society shares the stories of ALL members of the group. Recently uploaded images of all of the Medora and the Olbers ship list, a list of the members of the Giessen Emigration Society, as taken from the Ship lists, letters, diaries, and journals kept by its members, and that descendants have treasured are there to see as well.

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…where the Traveling Summer Republic’s exhibit Utopia brings this nearly forgotten story alive at the Missouri History Museum, where it has enjoyed over 40,000 visitors since it opened last November 23, 2014. If you are a descendant of a member of the Giessen Emigration Society we would like to hear from you.

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