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Jacob Frey at GCC at UMSL

Jacob Frey at Gallery 210 on the UMSL Campus on Feb 25

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Immigrants and Refugees

America is a melting pot for so many, as nearly all of our families were immigrants once. Once our own ancestors came here with their own dreams pinned with hope for a better future.

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Monika’s Blues

Quelle: After 2 1/2 years of preparation (researching, writing, editing with peers, searching for a publisher) my book is finally on the US market. Missouri Germans wants to let you know about this new book, and that it is now available for purchase on Amazon

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The year of 2016 was another busy one for Missouri Germans Consortium! German Heritage Corridor Dr. Steve Belko, Executive Director of the Missouri Humanities Council shared how “the General Assembly… Read more 2016

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St.Louis-Stuttgart Sister Cities announces 30th Winter Ball Karneval

People in Germany have been celebrating a form
of Karneval since the Middle Ages. Since it’s
early beginnings, Karneval, and its equivalents of
Fastnacht and Fasching, was a period when the
world was turned upside down.
The normal order of things was reversed: Partying
was suddenly acceptable, the figure of the fool or
clown was respected, and the nobility was openly
satirized. The simple craftsmen and workers rose
to the position of prince in their guilds and paraded
through the streets in hand-sewn robes showering
bystanders with food and wine instead of golden

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