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AnzeigerSubscribe to our Quarterly Journal and get more of your Missouri German heritage. For just $25 per year, you can enjoy four digital issues delivered right to your inbox in January, April, July and October. Each issue is filled with in depth articles about the history that Missouri German. Understand your German heritage and appreciate Missouri’s history, places, people and events that shaped it!  Subscribe today! by using the form at the bottom of the page.

DER ANZEIGER is Missouri German Consortium‘s new digital e-journal. 

Our spring issue is full of wine, music and song!

  • In Their Own Words  Read Friedrich Muench and Paul Follenius’ plans for a German state in America in the original charter of the Giessen Emigration Society. Read what they intended for the Society to become, as they wrote it.
  • The Dawn of Utopia is a German Heritage Travel guided trip through Germany in September that will help you connect with your German “Roots” and see the places your ancestor called home.
  • A German State in America is the plans of “the Baron” J.W.von Bock for his purely German settlement which he named Dutzow after his former estate in Germany.
  • Tracking those Ancestors We discuss what the basics are for genealogists and family historians want to trace their families back to the homeland. We share how Gottfried Duden explained the U.S. Naturalization to his readers in 1829.
  • Why learn German?  Always been interested in learning the German language? We explain why thats such a good thing to do!
  • Plus a lot more!  Read about  Germans that shaped Missouri history, German traditions and customs, travel, wine, music. An issue you won’t want to miss... Subscribe today!

Our FREE PREMIERE ISSUE of the Missouri Germans E-Journal is downloadable by clicking here at DER ANZEIGER




Subscribe now! and have our new magazine for “all things German in Missouri” delivered to your in box! 

  • History of the people and places that make Missouri German
  • Finding your German heritage in the Old World
  • Recipes, Menus  and Book Reviews 
  • Travel to historic German sites in the U.S. and Germany
  • Customs and traditions through the ages are shared 
  • Beautiful photographs, maps and artwork
  • Today’s German events that relate to our history

Our FREE PREMIERE ISSUE of the Missouri Germans E-Journal is downloadable by clicking here at DER ANZEIGER


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image033 DER ANZEIGER is filled with fascinating stories about Missouri’s German heritage, and all of the Germans that made Missouri what it is today. Visit the German cities and towns in both Missouri and Germany through issues  full of beautiful photographs that take you right there. Sample great food and recipes, take a trip to a winery or two of course, and we will have your mouth watering before you finish. Plus, each issue will share research tips on “Tracking those German germany-italy-map-1806-1Ancestors Back Home” in the homeland to help you find their village, for those of you who want to connect with your roots, no matter where you may live now. Reviews about latest books, website reviews, and more stories of interest for today’s readers. Everything German we can find! Subscribe now!  You  will still be enjoying one issue when the next issue arrives in your mailbox.

DER ANZEIGER  is our new e-Journal magazine filled with interesting stories about Missouri’s German heritage, and all of the people, places and events that have shaped our history to make Missouri as  German as it is today. Take pride in your German heritage! Every issue includes beautiful photographs and pictures, recipes, and tips to help you research your own German heritage. Enjoy stories about the people, such as Gottfried Duden, whose book A Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America sparked emigration to Missouri. With DER ANZEIGER you will learn about important places,

Missouri - Trip to a Forgotten Utopiasuch as the architectural gem the Pelster hausbarn, one of only a handful of such buildings that remain in the United States today.  Learn the legacy of the five hundred families that arrived with the Giessen Emigration Society; their story is one like the thousands of Germans that have come to Missouri and whose heritage we share today. Thousands of Germans have become Missouri immigrants, and their story is your story, your family’s history and your heritage.

imageIf you would like to continue to receive more DER ANZEIGER subscribe now. After April 1, 2015 our subscription rate will be $25. Your subscription will guarantee you four more issues filled with interesting stories of Missouri’s German heritage – you can preserve and keep Missouri’s German history alive!

FUTURE ISSUES of DER ANZEIGER  –  State’s historic German town of Hermann, “Tracking those German Ancestors Back Home” research tips for researching your family’s German historyand more interesting stories, poems, recipes, photos, and music, that will help you connect to your German heritage.



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