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The Power of a Forgotten Utopia

This weekend, the power of a Forgotten Utopia has the ability to bring people together on two continents.  In Bremen, Germany, Oliver Behnecke and Peter Roloff will present at  Knowledge at 11, a Saturday morning matinee in Olbers Hall, a discussion of what became of the 1834 German emigration group, the Giessen Society. Or Sunday, at 1 pm, on Feb. 27, in the St. Vincent de Paul,in Dutzow, Missouri, USA, you can see what they found that still exists today of that Utopian dream. Power of Utopia – the Giessen Emigration Society in 1834 Lecture by Oliver Behnecke and Peter Roloff  “to know 11” at… Read more The Power of a Forgotten Utopia

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Lost and Found

Suddenly I was fascinated . . . I knew that the group had been delayed . . . There were nearly 250 men, women and children in that group, on their way to be United States immigrants, on their way to America in 1834. . . My thoughts swirled to consider what they must have endured to follow their dream . . .

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Emigrant – Immigrant

For the past year, Homeland has been providing an interesting new voice, on the immigration issue. Their website says: Homeland is a Channel 9 initiative exploring the complicated issues of immigration. While immigration is a national issue, it plays out daily in the lives of people in St. Louis and in communities across the country. Homeland explores the contemporary story of immigration in America. It’s a story of refugees and new immigrants who find themselves walking a fine line between access to and expulsion from the American dream. It’s also… Read more Emigrant – Immigrant

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