Utopia - Revisiting a German State in America: the book
Utopia – Revisiting a German State in America: the book

Utopia – Revisiting A German State in America

The story of the Giessen Emigration Society told by Ludwig Brake, Dorris Keeven-Franke, Walter D. Kamphoefner, Rolf Schmidt, Kilian Spiethoff and others; photography by Folker Winkelmann.
356 pages, English/German, full color
Edition Falkenberg, Bremen 2013



 Exercise book for secondary schools
“Stay or Leave – The Giessen Emigration Society”

Educational material for K-12 or homeschoolers
Published by Rita Rohrbach, Giessen 2013

Free download in English


 Paul Follenius und Friedrich Muench
“ Purchase:  Call and Declaration on the subject of mass emigration from Germany to the North American free states”
The Call for founding the Giessen Emigration Society, first published in 1833.Translated by Stephen Rowan. 52 pages, English/German, b&w, Euros 4.80

Gert Goebel
“Longer than a  Man’s Lifetime in Missouri“
Gert Goebel, member of the Giessen Emigration Society, published his memoirs in German in 1877. This translation by Adolf E. Schroeder and Elsa Louise Nagel, annotated and with an Introduction by Schroeder and coeditor Walter D. Kamphoefner.434 pages, b&w, $ 30.00The State Historical Society of Missouri, Columbia 2013Order here:


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