Hidden History

A great event that refreshes our “memories” of German Americans during World War I.

German American Committee

Oct. 27 Memorial events to celebrate hidden piece of St. Louis history

By Jim Merkel

Anti-German hysteria during World War I shut the door on German culture in the Gateway City.  During World War I, patriotic German Americans were made to choose between their heritage and their nation. Schools ended their German language education programs. Churches were pressured to stop holding services in German. In Collinsville, GAHS BrochureIllinois, a mob went farther by lynching a German alien named Robert Prager.
Now the German American Heritage Society of Saint Louis (GAHS) and author Jim Merkel have developed a citywide memorial to this time of anti-German hysteria in street corners around the city.
They’ll celebrate these memorials on Oct. 27, fifteen days before the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. “These honorary designations are an important historical artifact for St. Louis. When someone walks by these signs, they will learn…

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